Best way to boomerang back to an old job

by Evil HR Lady on August 27, 2014

What do LeBron James and Steve Jobs have in common? They both returned to companies they had worked for previously. (And yes, a sports team is a company and it is job.) Steve Jobs did so with great success. How LeBron James does remains to be seen.

Many of us have jobs that we left for one reason or another. We found a new opportunity, went back to school or just plain got fed up with working there. Yet, years later, we want to return to the old company. Doing this isn’t as straight forward as applying to a totally new company, but there can be some advantages to returning where you’re a known quantity.

Tom Gimbel, president and CEO of LaSalle Network, a Chicago-based staffing firm, graciously gave me four tips to help you get your foot back in the door that you might have thought was closed.

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10 ways school is different than the working world

by Evil HR Lady on August 26, 2014

Today is the first day of school in my town, or as parents like to call it, “The most wonderful day of the year!” As I sent my cute little first-grader into the big school for the first time, I hope that his teachers work to prepare him not just to do schoolwork but for a career (in the very distant future!).

Then again, in many ways even the best schools can never fully prepare you for life on the job. Here are some key differences in how employers think compared with school.

1. If you can’t do the work, you’re out. In school, they bring in specialists to help, and parents hover and work with you to bring grades up. Some bad parents (yes, I said it) simply demand that the school change a grade so that their little darling doesn’t suffer any adverse consequences. In the workplace, we simply fire you. Sometimes we’ll give you a 90-day performance improvement plan, but that’s about it.

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Startups have tight budgets, so often want to get the best deals for everything. The best deal is not free.

Dan Cassaro does awesome design work. So awesome that Showtime (yes, the premium television network which earned an estimated $692 Million in 2011) asked him if he wanted to participate in a contest to create a piece of art that reflects the “intensity” of a boxing match. The winner would win a trip to Las Vegas! Woo-hoo!

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Make Sexual Harassment at Your Office Stop

by Evil HR Lady on August 22, 2014

When everyone laughs at a dirty joke, you probably don’t think anything of it. After all, every television show you’ve ever seen shows the office as the correct place for sexually charged humor. But your office isn’t The Office and someone who habitually tells dirty jokes can create what is called a “hostile environment.” Even if everyone is laughing, someone may still be offended, and that’s the legal standard. If a reasonable person could be and is offended, you’ve just crossed into sexual harassment.

You need to ensure this doesn’t happen in your office. I spoke with Jimmy Lin, vice president of product management and corporate development at The Network, a firm that specializes in compliance issues. Sexual harassment training does come with some pitfalls. Here’s Lin’s advice–starting with what not to do:

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The hidden business benefits of fantasy football

by Evil HR Lady on August 21, 2014

Football! The real kind, with shoulder pads and helmets and touchdowns. Americans love it. We watch and we cheer and cry over our favorite team’s ups and downs. And we fantasize over it — big time.

In the countless fantasy football leagues that have sprung in recent years, players act as team managers who get to pick their own teams out of the ranks of real football players. The statistics from each player’s real weekly statistics are used to determine who won each each week.

It’s all harmless fun, except in one respect: time. Career services firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas calculates that fantasy football costs $13 billion per year in lost productivity. Perhaps understandably, the sight of employees industriously building spreadsheets to manage their teams causes some managers to freak out. Oh my word! My entire business is going to fall apart because everyone in marketing is playing in a fantasy football league!

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So many job openings, but so hard to get hired

by Evil HR Lady on August 20, 2014

The Labor Department just released statistics that show that job openings in June are at a 13-year high. But while hiring is also up, it’s not nearly at the levels that the job openings are. For job-hunters, the disconnect can be frustrating and painful.

What’s going on, and how can you get around this?

Not all jobs posted will be filled. Sometimes businesses post jobs with no intention of actually filling them. They’re looking for applicants to put in their files so that they have a supply of candidates when a job does open up. Sometimes, positions are posted, but then internal changes remove the need to fill them. Sometimes, job openings are real, but a company promotes someone internally, and then post that vacancy. That can make it look like two jobs are open, but the company is really hiring only one person.

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Evil HR Lady Enters the 21st Century

by Evil HR Lady on August 20, 2014

I now have an EHRL Facebook Page! Although I’d like to say it’s going to be dramatic and cutting edge and blah, blah, blah, it’s mostly going to be links to the stuff I write. But that is dramatic and cutting edge, right?

Anyway, go like the page and the posts will show up in your timeline!

Evil HR Lady’s Facebook Page


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10 ways to boost your earning power

by Evil HR Lady on August 19, 2014

The Federal Reserve Bank released a survey recently that showed one-fourth of U.S. families are just getting by. If you’re in one of these families, you know how difficult it can be.

The “how to save money” articles don’t seem to help much, as they give great ideas like, “Make your own coffee and stop buying it at Starbucks every day!” If you could afford expensive coffee every day, you wouldn’t truly be living on the edge. You’d just be really bad with money, therefore putting yourself willingly on the financial edge. The advice you need is stop being dumb. (This applies for other unnecessary expenses from manicured nails to fancy TV packages and upgrading your phone every chance you get. Stop it.)

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Bad Boss of the Week: Punished for Puking

by Evil HR Lady on August 18, 2014

In many businesses, physical attendance is critical. If you’re a manufacturing facility, the line can’t run without the employees. If your creative team is working together to come up with a new product, the team needs to be on time so the work can begin. In order to achieve this, many companies have strict time and attendance policies.

One manager, who (it should be noted) did not create the policy, describes the problem created when your strict time and attendance polices are horrible.

The attendance policy at my job states that if an employee is at least one minute late up to an hour, then they receive half an occurrence or point, and if they are an hour late or more then they receive a full point. They also receive a full point if they leave early and do not complete at least four hours of work. This leads up to termination, at eight points. I have an employee who has managed to get himself up to six points. One of those points came from us sending him home for vomiting from being sick with the flu. I know we are allowed by law to send him home, but he is protesting that we are not allowed to send him home early for being sick when he is willing to work and to give him a point at the same time.

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10 ways you are undermining your career

by Evil HR Lady on August 13, 2014

Do you keep getting treated poorly by bosses? Passed over for promotions? Sometimes it is just bad luck, but sometimes you are doing things that can negatively affect your career. Here are 10 of them.

1. Treating your boss just like a friend. Are you sending your boss texts, friending her on Facebook, following her on Vine, and tweeting at her? Your boss may even laugh at your funny stories and such, but it lowers the chances of her thinking of you in a professional light — even if you don’t do anything inappropriate.

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